May 06, 2008

Inspirational Celebrity Parents

As some of you know, I'm a faithful reader of Celebrity Baby Blog (one of my guilty pleasures). I just love to hear about other people's happy news and see pictures of cute little babies.

Well in the last few days I read on a couple of Catholic sites about Jim Caviezel, the Catholic actor (together with Mel Gibson, they are probably the only well known actors who are truly Catholic) who just adopted his second child together with his wife. Both children have special needs (brain tumors) and the first one already recovered. I emailed the information and a link to Catholic Online to Celebrity Baby Blog and they did write about it (even gave me credit). Here is the article.

Another inspirational story featured on CBB is that of Christian singer Todd Smith and his wife Angie, who were expecting their fourth daughter and found out at an ultrasound that the baby would not survive the birth, yet they decided to continue with the pregnancy and let God make the decision of taking her to Him. A true pro life Christian family. Angie has a blog where she wrote the whole story of baby Audrey; it is called Bring the Rain
Here is a beautiful letter that Angie wrote to her daughter and a song Todd and Angie wrote for her.

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Tirzah said...

So I made the giant mistake of reading Angie's blog last night. Aaron was downstairs watching a movie, and when he came upstairs he found me blowing my nose in the bathroom, red-eyed and weeping. I don't cry very often, so Aaron was kind of alarmed and asked me what was wrong. I couldn't even get words out for a few minutes, so he just hugged me while I cried some more. Matteas had a bad night and woke up a lot, but I was really happy just to cuddle my cranky baby. I can't believe you could read something like that with such a tiny one yourself; thank God she is so chubby and healthy.