May 11, 2008

Benedict's First Confession, Solemn Communion and Solemn Profession of Faith

Benedict had his First Confession on Saturday, May 10, followed by Solemn Communion and Profession of Faith (where all the children sang the Creed together during Liturgy).

In the Eastern Catholic Churches the tradition is for infants to receive their First Communion when they are baptized and to continue to receive every Sunday. At age 7 (the age of reasoning) they have their First Confession.

Benedict receiving Communion

The children had brunch at Fr. Joseph's house after liturgy on Sunday. Father also took them all out for lunch on Saturday after their first confessions. Benedict was very impressed, thinking that the priest always takes you out for lunch after you go to confession. How nice that would be :)

Benedict with Father Joseph and Deacon Michael

It took us a long time to convince Benedict in the morning to put on his white suit. He was afraid he would be the only one dressed like that and that everyone would make fun of him. I had to show him pictures from Teddy's Solemn Communion to convince him that the other children will dress like that too.

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