April 14, 2008

Soccer Saturdays

We decided that our schedule does not allow us to have the boys in any sports classes during the week. They have school until 3pm, sometimes they like to play for half an hour on the school's playground after I pick them up, Teddy has piano from 3-3:30pm (with his teacher) on Thursdays and both boys have French lessons on Tuesdays, also at school from 3-4pm. On Tuesday night, from 6:30-7:30 Benedict has cub scout meetings and on Wednesday nights, it's Teddy's turn to go to cub scouts. On Mondays and Thursdays both boys and Cecilia have Kumon (math for the boys, reading for Cecilia). We have to be there anytime between 3:30 and 6:30 and it takes them between 20-60 minutes to do their exercises.
In addition to all these activities, Teddy has daily homework, which can take up to 1.5 hours plus piano practice, which unfortunately he doesn't do very often, and then of course they are required to read for about 20-30 minutes every day.
And since we also have to eat dinner, have a little break and go to bed at a decent hour, we don't have time for sports activities during the week.

We opted for Saturdays instead, when Dominic can take them to their lessons. Up until 2 weeks ago they were doing swimming on Saturdays and now they started soccer. Last Saturday Cecilia joined them for their soccer lesson. Dominic wanted to take her with them to see if she might be interested in joining. He has warned me even before Cecilia was born that she's going to be a soccer girl. I was like "no way, you have your boys to play soccer with, I've waited for my little girl forever and I want her to be my little princess and do ballet and be the sugar and spice and everything nice kind of girl, blah blah blah..." Well now even I decided that she's a little to princessy and will certainly benefit from some soccer or anything similar. We might enroll her this summer in some sports. I do plan on having her do ballet lessons in the fall,though, since that's what she wants the most.

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