August 16, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Teddy (referring to his summer homework): "Mom, when you were my age, did you work as much as I do?"

Me (after thinking a little): "I don't think I did as much summer homework as you do now, even though I did have those annoying German fairytales I had to read and write reviews on."

Teddy: "Oh, so then I do have a chance to get into Princeton!"

Me: " Yes, I think you do if you keep working like this or more. I never would have had a chance to get into Princeton."

Teddy: "So how good was your school?"

Me: "My alma mater is University of Washington and even though it's not as good as Princeton, it was ranked at number 49 last year...and you know, dad's alma mater, Rutgers, was like number 60 or something." (I like to tease Dominic about that sometimes and he actually thinks it's funny).

Teddy: "So how come dad is so much smarter than you then?"

Me: ???!!! "Excuse me!!! Hellooo!"

Well, he is right, Dominics is much smarter than me and much more educated and all, but geez, hearing that from your kid's mouth.
I did have a good laugh though. Sort of. Hmmm.

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