May 16, 2007

Roman Feast

The older kids at Veritas have been studying about Ancient History this year. They spent most of the time on Roman History and they all loved it. I am surprised at how much the boys have learned. Today they had a Roman Feast. Last week they made themselves togas (old sheets on which they painted Latin words), crowns and scepters that they wore today. They ate bread, pasta, wine (grape juice, of course), fruit salad and dessert. This might not have been exactly what the Romans ate (they did not have pasta back then, for example) but arranging a real Roman feast with roasted pig, peacock tongues and chicken stuffed in a duck, stuffed in a goose, stuffed in a pig (yes, they did this to impress their friends) would not have been very practical:) The kids loved their Roman feast. Thank you Miss Donovan for a great idea and for all the effort you put into this!

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