February 15, 2007

Prayer Request

UPDATE: The baby's name is Juliet Sophia Hope. She is still in the NICU but she can breathe without help now. She still needs help with her feedings though, which is the reason why she is still in the hospital. Her supplemental feedings are being administered through a gavage tube.
Her breathing and feeding problems are caused by a congenital heart defect, which will be surgically repaired in a few months.
On Tuesday the DNA test confirmed what the doctors already suspected, that little Juliet has Down Syndrome.
She is a beautiful gift from God and will have a happy life in a very loving family.
May God give her health and many happy years. Welcome to the world sweet baby Juliet!

(Posted on February 8, 2007)
Our friends, Thomas and Bridget had a baby girl today. This is their 6th baby. They also have: Holden (12)-not in the picture, Ian (10), Sidney (8), Quinn (6) and Mary Tess (3).

The baby girl was born via emergency C-section and is now in the NICU (intensive care) due to breathing problems. The doctors think that she has some serious health problems and they ran some tests but the results will only come back on Tuesday. Thomas has asked me to not discuss the specifics of the problem with anyone for now so all I can say is please pray for the little girl and also for her parents to have the strength to cope with this.

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