February 19, 2007

Mixed Marriages

Michelle has pointed out that there's a distinction between a sacramental marriage and a valid marriage. I read a little more about it, but I'm not going to explain here what I've learned, because I'm sure to make mistakes again and I'll really confuse everyone. Instead I'll give a link to the Question and Answer page about marriage on the US Conference of Catholic Bishops website. Hopefully that will be helpful to anyone who is interested in this.

Here is another article that talks about why mixed marriages are not recommended, even though they are sometimes permitted.

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Michelle said...

Those are great resources, Irina. The first explains what is permitted (and what is required to have a mixed marriage permitted), but the second explains why it's really not a good idea (and that's an understatement) to enter into a mixed marriage.

I pray that none of our children ever make this choice.