February 19, 2007

Alex is 7 months old

Weight: 18 lbs 3.5 oz or 8280 gr.
I've been giving him solid food for a month now but he still can't eat it well. He pushes the food out of his mouth with his tongue or keeps his mouth closed and refuses to eat. None of the other ones were that stubborn. He prefers to nurse day and night (especially during the night) and I'm worried that he won't get all the necessary nutrients from my milk alone, especially iron.


Flighty Girl said...

Finn was the same way. In fact, he wouldn't eat solids till just about a month ago. I kept asking the pediatrician and he didn't seem worried. They just said keep trying the solids and keep nursing. I think they do the iron test at about 9 months and I also think they might have a baby supplement if his iron does happen to be low. I would actually be more worried about your iron.

Tirzah said...

I think Alex looks like he's getting the perfect amount of nutrients :) Breast milk really is the perfect food, and after I read your post I read about the nutrient content; it seems that while the iron content in breast milk is fairly low, it is readily absorbed by babies while iron from solid foods and formula is not.