November 08, 2006

The All Saints Party

The children had an "All Saints Party" on October 31st at school. Here are all 15 children at Veritas and the 2 teachers.

I made the costumes at the last minute for all 4 boys. Teddy was St Peter the Apostle (aka the first Pope), Benedict was St Ignatius of Loyola holding the "Lives of the Saints" book, Celsus was St Paul of the Cross (my favorite costume, I gave him a simple black robe on which I taped the sign of the Passionists that I've drawn on paper and then cut out) and of course we had to have a St George (Tavis was the lucky one to wear this costume, they all wanted this one); he even had a toy dragon (seen in the picture in front of him).

A few hours later when Dominic took them trick-or-treating, some of these costumes were transformed into Halloween costumes. I actually had some costumes put aside for them but when I offered Celsus to be Eeyore and Tavis an alligator they looked at me like I just offended them LOL so the St Ignatius costume became a vampire costume for Tavis, St George (with a few additions) became a warrior costume for Teddy, Celsus wore his St Paul of the Cross robe inside out and called himself a wizard, and Bebe was easy he wanted to wear Teddy's last year dragon costume. Oh...the wonder of boys...they're great though, boys are great, I do have a lot of fun with them.

Cecilia wore her fairy costume but she didn't go out since she was sick and had a fever (meantime she got better).

I will post more pictures the days to come. I can post them now but it takes very long.

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