September 07, 2006

News About the Car

The state patrol called us on Tuesday morning and told us they found the car abandoned on the side of the highway. Unfortunately it had been through an accident and was in very bad shape. Dominic took it to the repair shop and they said that even if they fix it, it would be unsafe to drive. So we decided that the only option was to buy another car.
Well, Dominic just called me an hour ago to tell me that he bought a new car. He brought it home a few minutes ago. It is another Subaru Impreza (just like the old one), dark blue/navy and new, our first new car. All the other cars we've had in the past were bought second hand. Dominic got this one on lease and the payments are very afordable. So everything ended up well. Sooner or later he would have had to get himself another car anyway.

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