August 19, 2006

I found this picture in our Picasa account and I thought I would blog it since it is a very important family picture, the only one we have of the complete Moisin family, back when all 7 were kids. So these are my maternal grandparents and their seven children. The picture was taken in the early 50's. My grandma had all her children between 20 and 29 years.From left to right are Tereza (Zuzu) the oldest now a dentist; grandpa (he was around 38 in the picture); on his lap is Ion (Nonu)-nr 4, an engineer and former senator, he is also my godfather; Mihai, nr 5, now an engineer and Byzantine Catholic priest who lives in Boston; Magda, nr 6, my godmother, now an engineer in Toronto; grandma (about 30 in the picture); my mom on her lap, she is the baby of the family, now a family doctor; Anton (Pupa), nr 2, a historian/history teacher, writer and Byzantine Catholic priest; and Christiana, nr 3, a dentist, she is Thea's mom. My grandpa worked as a chemical engineer and chemistry teacher and is also a Byzantine Catholic priest. Grandma was a stay-at-home mother, of course. She is a role model for Thea and me. She is also like a second mother to both of us because she raised us both for many years and also raised more of our cousins. Posted by Picasa

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