August 17, 2006

Alex at 1 month

Alexander turned 1 month on August 16. At the doctor's appointment on the 15th his weight was 10 lbs or 4450 gr (55th %), length was 22 in or 56 cm (75th %) and the head circumference was in the 50th %. He got his 2nd Hep B shot at this appointment.
He is doing well but has started to be awake more (including at night) and to cry much more apparently without reason, in other words he is acting like a 1 month old. He kept me up quite a lot in the past few nights and I can finally say that I feel kind of tired if I don't get at least one nap during the day.
We set the date for the baptism for August 27th. Unfortunately we won't have a reception at Church since there isn't anyone to organize it. We might do something at home later that day.
Next week we are all going to Lake Chelan here in Washington State for a 3 day vacation. We've rented a condominium close to the lake. This will be our only vacation this summer.
I am also preparing for "life without the help of my mom". I am slightly nervous about being with all 4 kids by myself. The good thing is that the boys are starting school in September. Also, I am going to enroll Cecilia in a preschool 2 days a week for 5 hours a day (about the same time when the boys are in school). This will give me some time to continue working on my Ebay business.

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