July 14, 2006

My 39 week check-up

Today, July 14th, I had my OB check-up for this week. I am 39 weeks now (6 days away from my due-date).
There's definitely progress and hopefully the baby will come soon. My next appointment is on Wednesday, July 19th. They are going to do an ultrasound then to see how big the baby is and how my amniotic fluid looks like and they will decide then if they will allow me to wait longer.
The baby's estimated weight is 6 3/4-7 lbs (about 3100-3200 gr) so low average which in a way is good because the smaller the baby the smaller the risk of uterine rupture.
Otherwise I feel well but very tired. I'm not able to sleep well at night and I have a lot of pain in my back and abdomen. But I can live with that a little longer, it won't kill me. I know that after the baby is born, all the pain and discomfort will go away. The sleepless nights, however, will not...

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Mabooblah said...

Dear Irina

Thank you so very much for sharing your story with me...and everyone else who is reading our son's blog. It is extremely touching that you have shared your experiences and your photos with us...complete strangers. I have been so touched by the outpouring of strangers. I have been in awe since his birth.

Although I work for Neonatal medicine in the hospital where my son currently is a patient, I never imagined that we would be in need of their care. It is so very inspiring, and it brings tears, for me to read about your little girl and to see the amazing journey your family has taken. Never doubt the power of the human spirit and your ability to touch the lives of others. I wish you great luck in your upcoming delivery.

I cannot help but be struck by the similarity of our situations.

Just to add a little ironic point, your daughter and I share the same birthdate - August 8th.

Life is an amazing adventure and families are a gift.

All the best, please keep in touch.