July 10, 2006

Cecilia on August 9 2003

Since I don't have any new pictures or any news to post I decided to write a little about Cecilia's birth and development.
A week or so ago I discovered a blog about a little boy in Canada who was born in June at 25 weeks weighing 1.5 lbs. His aunt is keeping this blog to inform family members and friends of his progress. I wish I did the same when Cecilia was born, I just didn't know about blogs back then. Anyway, after reading a little about this baby I left a comment and left my blog address and now I get a lot of visits on my blog from Canada, from the link they posted on their site. I imagine they would like to know a little about Cecilia and see some pictures. I know that when I was in their situation I wanted to hear from other parents of micropreemies and I was desperately looking for info and pictures of former micropreemies just to convince myself that someday my tiny baby will look like a regular child.
Ahhh the story is so long. I really really want to some day make a website just about Cecilia and all the miracles that happened in her life and in ours.
I will try to find some other pictures of her when she was in the hospital and post them.
In this picture she was 1 day old. By the way she was born on August 8 2003 (at 24 1/2 weeks) and was actualy due on November 25. Her weight at birth was 1 lb 9 oz (708 gr). Her early arrival was due to a placental abruption and she was born by emergency C-section. Posted by Picasa

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