April 05, 2005

Sad times for all of us

These days we are remembering and mourning The Holy Father who went to the Lord three days ago. I think he has been about as good as one can be as the leader of the Catholic Church in these very difficult and eventfull last 2-3 decades. In spite of the terrible pressures from society and even clergy, his position against such evil trends as homosexuality, abortion and euthanasia has been unshaken.
Some have criticized him for being to strict, some, on the other hand blame him for the liberalism that has penetrated the Church lately. Both sides are wrong in my opinion. The pressures he was under are hard for us to imagine and under the circumstances, he has done more good for the Church than many would have done.
May God rest his soul in peace.
It is now time for us to hope and pray for a new pope that will continue John Paul's good work. Cardinal Ratzinger?...
"Gloria olivae"?...for those who are familiar with St. Malachy's predictions...and what would that mean anyway?
We can only pray and hope.

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