April 21, 2005

Happy again

Two days ago we have learned that we have a new Pope. Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger is the best Pope we could have wished for and what a beautiful name he has chosen for himself, Benedict XVI. May he have a long papacy and continue Pope John Paul's good works.
I started reading one of his books, "God and the World" I think it is called. It is written in an interview format and very nicely organized so that you can easily jump from one chapter to the other and from one question to the other, depending on what you're interested in.

Talking about books, I've been reading this little book called "The Way of the Pilgrim" lately. Dominic has bought it (twice!) from our church and I don't think he has ever read it, but I kept bumping into this book until I said to myself that it must be a sign that I have to read it. It's been really wonderfull reading it, it taught me the importance of the "Jesus prayer" also called "the prayer of the heart". I can't belive I've never heard about this prayer before, being a Byzantine Catholic and all. What this prayer is, basically, is just a continuous repetition of the words "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner". You repeat it over and over until you get so used to it that you don't have to actually say the words with your lips but feel the prayer in your heart, repeating it with every heartbeat.

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