March 15, 2005

Weekend and more

I've been trying to figure out how to post pictures. It would be nice to be able to post a picture every now and then.
This Sunday after church we were supposed to have a St Patrick's Day party. In the end we didn't organize anything, so Dominic invited a few friends at the Irish Emmigrant bar but only Sean showed up. I was supposed to go there with the kids too (The I E is apparently the only bar that has an area where kids are allowed). Well, I didn't feel like going, I didn't think the kids would enjoy it (not yet anyway).
Yesterday while Bebe was at preschool, I took Cecilia to our local mall, Alderwood Mall to look for Easter outfits for the kids. I had a big surprise there, the UW Medical Center built a beautiful playground for little ones with a "healthy heart" theme. They have a little mountain/ slide made of plastic fruits and veggies, a plastic stack of books, the kids can climb on with the book on top having the picture of the heart with all anatomical parts labeled and a list of rules for good health. Cecilia might not have gotten the idea, but she did have a lot of fun, she was radiant. I will take her there more often because it is very clean and she can crawl if she wants and she won't get dirty, plus all the toys are the right size for her.
Yesterday, I had the Doyle kids over from 5-9. All the neighborhood kids came in our yard (10-12 in total) and played. Later I brought my boys and the three younger Doyles inside and fed them and then they played in the basement playroom.

Dominic just left for San Francisco this morning. He will be there until Thursday.

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