March 10, 2005

Busy day

Today was a day in which a lot was accomplished. Tanti Monica was here from 10 to 6 to help. I took Bebe out shopping while Tanti Monica was watching Cecilia and cooking a delicious green beans dish. She did some house cleaning too (very much needed).
Dominic surprised us with a quick visit around lunch time (he had to be here when his cousin's motorcycle was delivered). It was nice to have him here in the middle of the day.
After I picked up Teddy from school, I went to the Doyles' house with the boys to babysit the four younger Doyle boys while Sean took his oldest, Tristan to the doctor. The boys all had fun together with the other neighborhood kids. They set up a pretend jewlery store (with jewlery the D boys found in their house !) and were buying and selling with pretend money. It took a lot of explaining to convince Benedict that this is a pretend store and they are using pretend money and in the end he will have to return the beautiful Venetian mask to the Doyles... He wasn't quite convinced and we had issues until dinner time.
After the bus brought Kerrigan home, I took all 6 boys back to our yard, closed the gate and ordered them to not leave the yard. Meanwhile Tanti Monica was taking care of Cecilia. After the D. boys went home and everyone in the Suciu family had dinner, we went to the library for storytime with a circus theme. The boys got to throw stuffed animals through a ring in cardboard flames and threw bean bags in the mouth of a cardboard lion. Even Cecilia threw some beanbags. They had fun...and I'm tired.
Can't wait to see what fun we will have tomorrow.

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