November 03, 2008

Teddy's Art

December 2004 (Teddy, 6)

January 2005 (Teddy, 6)

November 2008 (Teddy, 10)

October 2008 (Teddy, 10)

October 2008 (Teddy, 10)

Teddy started going to art school again. He went for a couple of months in 2004-2005 but then we stopped going because of the distance and cost. I recently decided that, since drawing is one of Teddy's main talents and hobbies, it is worth having him take some more lessons. I just love everything he makes there. If he is guided step by step, he makes beautiful art. At home he loves to make cartoons and is very good at it. I'm constantly looking for cartooning classes for him. He would love to take some lessons in cartooning/ drawing comics.
Benedict has been taking classes with him too but he doesn't like it. He's a mathematician not an artist :) He wants to quit.

Here is a little story of what happened today at the drawing school. When I dropped them off, I heard Benedict asking the teacher if they were supposed to do free draw and she said "yes but no violent drawings please". He likes to draw armies of soldiers fighting with all kinds of weapons. Apparently he made some of his "violent drawings" at art school. When I picked them up, the teacher asked to talk to me privately. She complained (as I expected) about his violent pictures and then she told me that Benedict got a little "political" during class, he told the kids that "Obama kills babies", but to not feel bad about it because he probably heard it from the kids at school.
When I talked to the boys in the car about the incident, they said that the teacher brought up the subject, saying that the elections were tomorrow and all the kids said that their parents were voting for Obama. The teacher said that she was Australian and couldn't vote but if she could vote, she would have voted for Obama too. One girl then said something negative about McCain. Benedict and Teddy felt like they had to say something and that's when Benedict said that Obama kills babies, which is pretty much how we explained abortion to them.

I'm just telling the story here and won't make any comments. Benedict did not get in trouble with us but I did ask them to not discuss politics with other children, especially at drawing school.

Benedict now really doesn't want to go back to that drawing school which is, as he puts it, "full of Democrats".

Here are some of Teddy's past and present works.
I think they are beautiful.


When I Grow Up said...

I remember Benedict's drawings :) They never bothered me because he did put alot of thought into them and would always have stories to go along with whatever was happening in each particular battle. He is definetly a mathematician, and also a little historian, wouldn't you say?

That's really sad about the art teacher. That is not her place to make comments like that in front of young children. It saddens me too that most of the educational systems in the U.S. are so unbalanced when it comes to politics and in the case of public institutions, our taxes go toward funding them!

briana said...

My boys love drawing tanks, helicopters, and soldiers. Good for Benedict going political. Its a free country right?
Teddy's are is great. Do you have have them framed and displayed?

Irina S. said...

Thanks for the encouragements ladies. Yes, I do think that there's nothing wrong in what he said. By the way I just pulled him out of the class, which made him very happy. We have Teddy's pictures from since he was 6 up on the wall, but I want to frame the other ones and find a wall where I can display them.

The Rhones said...

Teddy's art is very beautiful. My kids also love art, and Thomas almost always draws a battle scene! You should be proud of the boys for speaking up!

Kelly said...

The story of the boys at art school made me laugh out loud. Benedict is my hero.

alice said...

Copii trebuie sa se exprime inca de mici, nu numai in arta insa si prin cuvinte, si la urma urmelor copilul avea dreptate, Obama ucide copii, a afirmat un adevar. Scuza-mi comentariul in romaneste insa nu ma pricep asa bine la engleza.