September 23, 2008

Sophia the Cutie Pie is 5 Months Old

She's sitting on a quilt that Tavis made for her a while ago, with the help of his grandma Judy. He asked his grandma to teach him and then decided that his first project would be a quilt for Sophia. He did most of the work, the proud grandma told me.

Sophia is posing with her new toy, Sophie the giraffe. She's starting to have quite a collection of giraffes.


briana said...

Wow! 5 months. What a big girl. Seems to have gone by so quickly. That was so sweet of Tavis.

When I Grow Up said...

Little Tavis made that? What a sweetheart. I hope I can make quilts one day too! Mike and I both think Sophia is adorable!