September 04, 2008

Our New and Improved Back Yard

A statue of the Virgin Mary is watching over the kids at play. This photo (like most of the photos I will be posting these days) was taken by my dad when he was here visiting. Check out the cool spider web complete with spider!

So one day, a few weeks ago, my dad and I were making dinner and we were talking about how nice it would be to have a table outside where we could have lunch and dinner enjoying the nice weather. Dominic overheard us and said "Well, I can make one in about an hour". It took him a little more than an hour (including the trip to Home Depot) and that night we ate dinner on our new table built by him. I was amazed.
The brick patio and the bamboo cover where also built by Dominic on other weekends this summer.

Eating outside is so much better during the summer. The kids enjoy it too and clean-up is easier; sweeping is not required since there are enough squirrels and birds willing to eat the leftover food off the ground.

The wheels were added to raise one side of the table and make it strait since the ground on which the patio was built is a little tilted.


kelly.rhone said...

That is a great table.
The whole area looks so inviting and relaxing. Very impressive!
Kelly & Gregory

Tirzah said...

That's amazing; go Dominic!

Kelly said...

Wow! I love the back patio and table. Send Dominic my compliments.