May 02, 2008

Sophia's Birth Story

...before I forget the details.

April 18, the day before Sophia was born, was a beautiful day. It snowed a lot...

and some of the snow was still covering the trees when on the next morning, on April 19, I checked into Stevens Hospital at 7:50am. They gave me their best room with a beautiful view.

Here I am just before it all started. I was going to add an after picture, but I didn't look much different after the birth LOL.

I had my IV started at 8:15am and at my first check at 8:22am I was 4cm just like a few days before. They gave me the epidural at 10:10am and about half an hour later they started the Pitocin. At 1:10 my contractions were coming every 5 minutes and that's when the doctor broke my water. The contractions started coming faster and were getting stronger and stronger until 2 hours later, at 3:02pm, Sophia was born looking big and healthy

and even trying to cut her own umbilical cord (or so it looks like in this picture)

Ohh, if all of my delieveries were that easy...

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