April 18, 2008


Tomorrow will probably be the big day. I'm checking into Stevens Hospital in the early morning and then we'll decide. I don't think I will want to leave the hospital without the baby again. Whether I changed or not since Wednesday, I think I will just let them induce me. I feel like a bomb ready to explode any second. I'm too nervous that my water will break and the labor will progress so fast that I won't be able to make it to the hospital in time. If they induce me, at least things will be under control, and I will have time to have my IV's started, to get my antibiotics (2 doses 4 hours apart) for an infection I have and to get my epidural at the right moment.
I'm very nervous and I don't think I'll be able to sleep much tonight.
Can't wait to meet this new little one!
Please, if you read this say a prayer for Baby and me for a safe and easy delivery.


Anonymous said...

Irina, ma rog pentru voi, dar sper ca pana la ora asta ti-ai vazut deja noul bebelus si ca ai scapat repede de nastere!

Anonymous said...

God Bless. You are in our prayers and we too are looking forward to meeting the little one.
Take care,
Gregory and Kelly Rhone