April 26, 2008

Sophie at One Week

Sophie is one week old today. She's been really good so far with the exception of day 2 and 3 when she was crying and staying awake more. After that she's been mostly sleeping and eating at decent intervals. She eats at around 11pm, then wakes up once at night and once in the early morning...not bad at all. I know, however, that this is the honeymoon period, babies usually go through right after birth. It lasts about 2 weeks and after that they start staying awake more and more and crying more. This difficult period lasts until about 3 months, with a peak at 6 weeks. We'll she if she follows this pattern. For now I'm enjoying the peace and quiet.

In terms of weight, she dropped to 7lbs 12 oz after 3 days, from her birth weight of 8lbs 7 oz (just under 10%). On day 4, when my milk came in she started gaining about one oz a day. She now weighs 8 lbs.

The siblings are still very excited about having a new baby, with Cecilia being the most interested in her little sister. Alex however, is a little scared of her especially when she cries.

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