April 08, 2008

I'm Back...

Hi everyone. I feel like it's time to reopen my blog as I'm sitting here waiting for this new little baby to be born and introduced to our family and friends.
I've posted some pictures during the time the blog was closed but I still have to post more of the pictures between November and present. After all this is my diary and I like to have everything recorded.

Anyway, to make a long story short, last summer I found out I was pregnant and it was a total surprise. I usually like to space my babies at least 2.5 years apart but was hoping for at least 4 years this time...didn't happen. This is the shortest age difference between two of our children (Alex is only turning 2 in July). I'm a little scared of the chaos that will be in our house, but at the same time I'm excited because we always wanted 5 children and every time God gave us a new one, He also gave us plenty of love and patience to take care of him/her, so I know that things will work out just fine.

This pregnancy has been a little harder on my body than the other ones and I don't know if it's the fact that it's my 5th, or my age or what, but especially these last weeks have been no fun. I'm having a lot of discomfort and I can't wait to get my non pregnant body back.

My due date is April 27, so right now I am 37 weeks and 2 days but I am expecting to go into labor any day now. I started dilating at 34 weeks and have been having contractions often. On Saturday I checked into the hospital because I had labor signs. They put me on the monitor and I was having regular strong contractions and at some point went to almost 4 cm. They admitted me in Labor and Delivery and I spent the night there waiting to give birth. The day nurse even told me when she left in the evening:"Tomorrow morning when I come back I'm going to see a baby here". The contractions, however stopped over the night and I even went back to 3cm. They sent me home on Sunday morning and since then I've been in this limbo, waiting, counting contractions and wondering when this baby is going to come and whether I will get my much wanted epidural on time. The good thing is that the baby will benefit from the extra days in utero. I'm still not quite at term and I'd rather have a 7.5 pounder than a 6.5 pounder.

Keep us in your prayers and I'll keep everyone posted.


SuzanneG said...

Oh, Irina....that's so exciting! When you said you hoped to deliver EARLY, I had no idea that you were THIS CLOSE! Yea! Keep us posted and we'll keep you posted.

Michelle said...

Wow! What a nice surprise! Congratulations! And you look great.

Kelly said...

It's nice to see you blogging again, and I hope you go into labor VERY soon!!