July 26, 2007

Thomas Trains Recalled

I was discussing possible presents to buy for my 3 year old nephew Christopher, today with Thea, when she told me that the famous Thomas trains (made in China), which Christopher loves, are not considered safe anymore and have been recalled, due to a high level of lead detected in their paint. I was kind of shocked to hear this because we have a large collection and my kids have played with and chewed on many a Thomas train in their lives, as did Thea's boys. After a little research I found out that only a few of the trains and accessories have been recalled, namely the ones painted red or yellow. I know we own at least 4 items from the list, so one of these days I will have to look for them and get rid of them, which is kind of sad because James has been one of our favorites, although, I have to say that I never was very fond of the 2 fire trucks, they're not trains and don't even have names.
Well, for those interested here is the link with the complete list of recalled Thomas engines and accessories.

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