April 24, 2007

Alex at 9 months

At his 9 months check-up, Alex weighed 19 lbs, which is only the 25th%, but his height was in the 85th% and his head circumference in the 90th%. The doctor wasn't very worried about the drop on the weight curve but he did suggest that I try to offer him more solid food.
I started giving him foods with more texture and I try to give him solid food three times a day and little snacks like Cheerios, the baby fruit and vegetable puffs and baby biscuits in between meals when he's in his high chair. I tried to teach him to drink from a bottle, so I can give him some water after his meals, but he won't take it so I might as well work on teaching him to drink from a sippy cup directly.
He doesn't know how to crawl because he hates being on his tummy but he scoots around on his bottom. He also likes to stand with help and take steps being held by the hands. He says "ba-ba-ba", "na-na-na", "ma-ma-ma" and more. Just before he turned 9 months he cut his first tooth and now he has two teeth.

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