January 17, 2007

Surprise at Blessed Sacrament

After a few days of bad weather and icy roads which kept us in the house more than I wanted, we finally got to go to Blessed Sacrament again today. I was surprised to see many people at mass today, especially young people.

After mass, when we went to the tabernacle to pray, I saw Sheila, Teddy's teacher in one of the front rows. She told me that she had read my blog and was inspired to go to daily mass too. I was soo happy to hear that. Then I told her how hard it is for me with the kids because they are not always behaving in church and she said that she will seat next to me and she will help me. I was thinking, wow, I have fewer and fewer reasons to miss mass now.

Thank you Miss Donovan, and see you tomorrow in Church!
Anyone else wanna join us?

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