January 13, 2007

Great Deals

This is what I bought from a consignment store last Monday for $13 (including tax).

Janie and Jack shirt and vest size 12-18 months (perfect for Alex for Easter) from the "Little Gentleman" Easter line from 2006, original price for both: $60, I paid $6.

See Kai Run, older version of Devon Style, shoes for toddlers (ideal for older babies/toddlers when they start walking and when they outgrow their Robeez; they are usually sold in boutiques and I think they are made here in Seattle). Original price $32, I paid $3.

Elefanten black patent shoes for Cecilia (a few sizes to big, will fit her in about 2 years). Elefanten was a very popular European shoes company that was closed out recently. Original price for these would have been about $48. I paid $3.

So I paid $13 for $140 worth of really great stuff. And if that wasn't enough, when I was preparing to pay, the lady at the CS said that I didn't owe her anything because I consign clothes there too and I had about $27 in my account from clothes I've sold.

Just wanted to brag a little. I know Kelly will appreciate this. She likes good deals as much as I do.


Flighty Girl said...

How cool is that?!!! I'm so envious of your deals!! I'm having hard times finding great deals here. I went thrifting today and just found some books. I've been trying to collect as many board books as I can for cheap (I've seen large lots do really well) but instead of getting sold, they end up in the boys bookshelves, and then eventually eaten.
See Kai Run is actually made in China or Japan but the lady who started importing them and selling them is there in the Seattle area. I LOVE those shoes. What a great deal!

Anonymous said...

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