January 19, 2007

Body For Life

Thea has been telling me about this weight loss / body toning program that she used after having Christopher and that she really believes in. It's called "Body for Life" and it requires that you follow a strict exercise and nutrition program for about 12 weeks, after which you're body is supposed to be leaner and more toned. Thea gained a lot of weight with Christopher and she lost most of it really quickly following this program.

They actually have this challenge/contest where you could win something like $50,000 if your before and after pictures are impressive enough.

Now before everyone starts telling me that I don't need to loose weight, I will assure you all that that's not my intention. I think I can safely gain a few more pounds and still be OK in terms of weight. But weight itself is not everything. My problem is that I don't have a healthy diet at all and I don't exercise at all. In time this will take a toll on my body and energy level. I also lost a lot of muscle tone especially in my abdomen after the last two pregnancies.

This program sounds promising because it is very specific. I intend to get the book soon and give it a try.

Anyone else heard about this and/or recommends it?

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Tirzah said...

My sister Moira really likes this book and also used it to lose baby weight. I read through it and I think the program is effective, but that you should modify it for you. Specifically, he recommends exercising first thing in the morning on an empty stomach so that your body turns to your fat stores for energy. That's a weight-loss strategy, not a toning strategy. The workouts he recommends are good and his nutrition plan is very specific and strict, but I think you should definitely forgo the empty-stomach workouts.