December 26, 2006

Dominic decided to have an "Italian Christmas" this year, which consists of several courses (soup, pasta, fish, roast, dessert) which are being served throughout the day. We had to skip the pasta but he did make a very interesting fish soup (a combination of Bouillabaisse and Zuppa di pesce) and I made the roast with baked new potatoes and a Greek salad. This soup takes a long time to make and takes 2-3 days to make. First you have to make a fish stock, and you use that as a base for the actual soup the next day. A variety of fish and seafood are used together with vegetables, saffron and other spices. The soup is then served over a slice of Italian bread (preferably toasted) with a special orange/yellow pepper spread. A few slices of jalapeno pepper and a glass of white wine make this soup unforgettable. My congratulations and profound admiration (for the extraordinary cooking ability) to my husband (a special thanks to Marissa for her consultation)...Martha Stewart would turn green with envy...
My roast was pretty good too :)

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