September 25, 2006

Veritas Academy, the school where Teddy and Benedict go, is now in its second year. There are now 14 children going there and the school is expected to grow every year. However, there will probably never be more than 10 children in one grade level, so that they can get enough individual attention.This school was started by a local Catholic family who wanted an alternative to homeschooling. Many Catholic parents don't find in the parochial Catholic schools the kind of conservative education they want for their children and since not every mother has the patience to homeschool there needed to be another option. Lucky for us it appeared right around the time our boys started school. We are very happy with the education they are recieving here.
The school now offers grades K-4th. Grades 2-4 are combined in one classroom with one teacher. Grade K is with another teacher and 1st grade is in between the two classes (they do academic work with the big class and the rest with the Kindergartners).
Among the children are the 2 youngest sons of my neighbor, Sean Doyle (they belong to our parish) and also Elisabeth, the daughter of our friends, Anna and Albert.
I took this picture today after recess. I volunteer on Mondays at school. I supervise the kids during recess and sometimes during lunch.
Here are all the children (except for one girl, Jenny) lined up after recess, ready to go back in their classrooms. Posted by Picasa

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