September 25, 2006

My cousin Thea and her husband Ron just bought this house two houses away from us. Teddy took this picture from our back yard. They are moving in next month. They have 2 boys, Christopher (2) and Anthony (9 months) and are expecting baby nr 3 in February next year. We are very excited to have them so close to us. Now if this baby is another boy I'm really worried about Cecilia because she's going to be the only girl on our street (there's another girl Cheryl but she's a total tom boy). So let's see, the Doyles have 5 boys, we have 3, Thea has 2 (so far), my next door neighbor has 2 and there's 2 more boys further down the street and...Cecilia, one girl among 14 boys. That's why a new girl on our street would be nice but Thea and Ron really don't care about the baby's gender as long as the baby is healthy. Posted by Picasa

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