September 20, 2006

Alexander and Cecilia' s check- ups

I took the little kids to the pediatrician yesterday for their well child check ups (Cecilia's 3 year check-up and Alexander's 2 months check up).
Cecilia now weighs 27 lbs which puts her in the 25th % (last year at 2 she was in the 5th % and we were happy that she was even on the curve and before that she was always below the curve), her height is 36 1/4 in which is the 30th % although I think there's got to be a mistake somewhere, she's definitelly more tall than fat.
Alex weighed in at 12 lbs 15 oz which is 75th % and was 24 1/4 in long (90th %). His head circumference is 16 in 75th %.
They both got some immunizations. Cecilia was first and she got 3 different shots but didn't cry just got a little mad. When Alex got his shots he cried and that's when Cecilia started crying too...

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