July 08, 2006

July 7 check-up

Yesterday I had my 38 week OB check. There seems to be no progress since last week so we might be waiting for a little longer. I gained a surprising amount of weight in the past week (3 lbs), over the past 4 weeks I've gained 9 lbs and from the beginning of the pregnancy only about 17 lbs.
The nurse practitioner guessed that the baby's weight right now is about 6.5 to 7 lbs. I'm hoping for a 7 1/2 lbs baby (hopefully not much more and not much less than that). I'm also hoping for a succesfull VBAC, the last thing I need is another C-section. My experience with the C-section last time was a negative one but I'm glad I was able to have one since it gave Cecilia a chance to survive. C-sections are great when you need them but if they can be avoided I think they should be (just my opinion). Whoever reads this please keep me and the baby in your prayers for a safe delivery, there's a 2-3 % risk of uterine rupture for VBAC's after a C-section done at 24 weeks.
Other than that everything is ready for the new baby and we're just waiting...
I'm taking pictures and doing as many listings as I can for Ebay, because later I wont have as much time. I'm currently selling shoes for a shoe store in Seattle from their overstock. I get a 30% comission on what I sell so it is in my best interest to sell as much as possible. Most of the shoes I just list in my Ebay store and I've slowed down on the auctions. I don't want to go into labor and be away from the computer for a few days and have 50 running auctions. That would be overwhelming and I would have a lot of angry customers.
I'll be posting whatever news I have in the next days.

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