July 30, 2006

Alex's first 2 weeks

Alex is 2 weeks old today. I can not believe how much he changed since he was born. He's doing very well now and growing every day.
Right after he was born he slept for a long time and didn't eat much (they all do that in the first day or two). When he was nursing he wasn't doing it right so he ended up losing 10% of his weight (which is the most babies are allowed to lose in the first 2-3 days) and there was no sign that my milk would come in for quite a while. I started worrying even after we got home. He was very lethargic, didn't eat much and didn't have enough wet diapers. So we finally gave him formula for 2 feedings and he started "waking up" after getting those extra calories. I started pumping and giving him bottles until my milk came in ( on day 4 or 5) and then he finally started nursing well and we were able to stop giving him bottles.
In the first 10 days or so he slept a lot and ate little. In the last couple of days, though, he started waking up more (including during the night) and eating much more. He was gaining about an ounce (28 gr) a day until day 10 (when he finally got back to his birth weight of 7lbs 10oz from the 6lbs 14 oz which was his lowest weight). The last 3 days, since he started eating more he gained much more than that and he now weighs about 8 lbs+. He has also grown in length ( I can tell because he has already outgrown some of his clothes). His face looks so much different than in the beginning too. He basically changes every day.
When he was born and a few days after he looked like a baby bird, then he looked like a baby turtle (I loved his baby turtle look), I'm trying to figure out what he looks like now because he's starting to get chubby cheeks.
Anyway I'm gonna go feed my baby turtle now. Tomorrow I might post some "2 weeks" pictures of him.

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